Whats App Bot API

Whats App Bot API
Establish your presence, impact customers, create bots and boost your e-commerce sales!

Chat API is already used for many projects: sending and reading messages from the CRM-system, recording in the beauty salon, sending details of the vacancy or chat-bot with promotional codes.

  • Branded Messaging / Green Tick Verification Badge possible;
  • Rich Messaging (images, files, location, audios, videos, links, products, etc);
  • Mailings without the risk of being blocked.

Whats App Bot API

Whats App API

PayRupees Whats App Bot API  Developer friendly API

Truly reliable & highly scalable solution for automating WhatsApp

Easy to integrate, based on WhatsApp API docs will allow you to build a chatbot in a couple of hours or integration for 100,000 messages per day in PHP, JavaScript, 1C, Python, Java, C# or even VBA.

Since the launch of WhatsApp Business API, brands have been competing to create a WhatsApp bot to enhance their customer experience. Now, that the API restrictions loosened a bit and WhatsApp is becoming more and more forthcoming to all kinds of businesses, the competition’s gotten even fiercer.

If you are thinking that having a WhatsApp bot would be great but the road to launching one is too winding, don’t abandon all hope just yet.

What is a WhatsApp Bot?

A WhatsApp bot provides customers with a real-time automated conversational experience directly on the messaging app, using WhatsApp Business API integration. Chatbots on WhatsApp can be rule-based (composed of decision-tree-type interactions offering more structured experience) or NLP-based (using natural language processing for more or a more human conversational effect).

The major advantages of a WhatsApp chatbot include:

  • Being able to communicate with the customer base promptly and asynchronously (at a time most convenient to the customer);
  • Getting in touch with customers without forcing them out of their comfort zone (via an app they use daily);
  • Delivering a personalized experience with every interaction thanks to accurate user history and data collection.