Adhaar Pay API Application

Features of Aadhaar Pay

  • Inter-operable
  • Instant transfer, 24X7 availability
  • No peripherals required for customers to make payments like cards and smart phone
  • Secure and safe as it is based on biometric authentication

Benefits to customers

  • No need for a smart phone to make payments
  • No need to remember PIN & Passwords
  • Customer ease, easiest way of cashless payment
  • Pay from any Aadhaar enabled bank account
  • No security issue as payments are done through biometric authentication
  • No need to carry cash.

PayRupees provide Adhaar Pay API this API allow merchant to withdrawl payments from costumber account after monthly withdrawl limit cross

It is a service which allow the merchant to accept payment from a customer of any bank, by authenticating the customer’s bio metrics currently only fingerprints, directly from the customer’s Aadhaar enabled bank account and receive the sale proceeds instantaneously directly into merchant’s own bank wallet.

An agent-assisted solution, which facilitates digital payment of fees, recurring bills and other sundry charges, using the customer’s Aadhaar card number and bio-metric authentication.

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Benefits to merchants

  • Seamless fund collection from customers
  • Lower Transaction charges
  • Safe and secure
  • Instant account to account fund transfer
  • Increased customer satisfaction as process saves time
  • Easy reconciliation
  • Eliminates cash handling cost and risk.

Aadhaar Pay

The best way to take payments from your customers. A customer needs his Aadhaar number and his presence at the counter. The Micro-ATM comes with a biometric scanner which enables the authentication. If a customer wants to make payment, then he/she just needs to enter his/her Aadhaar Number in the Micro ATM, scan his/her finger on biometric scanner attached to MicroATM and select the bank from which the payment is to be made. Upon entering the Aadhar Number, the system would automatically fetch the bank account linked with the customer’s Aadhaar number and debit the bank account just like debit card or Bharat QR code.

Adhaar Pay API