mATM — Micro ATM Application

Features of Micro ATM

  • A handheld device that can be easily carried
  • Full-color touch screen
  • Debit Card
  • Smart Card Reader – contactless, contact
  • Thermal/impact printer in local language
  • Voice advise in local language
  • GPS
  • Communicates with backend systems

PayRupees Provide

Micro ATMs is card swipe Device through which banks can remotely connect to their core banking system. In other words, micro ATMs are the handheld point of sale terminals used to disburse cash in remote places where bank branches cannot reach. Micro ATMs is very similar to point of sale (PoS) terminals and therefore are a doorstep portable banking arrangement cum-mobile ATM device.

  • We provide Micro-ATM Solution that will enable Banks and Business Correspondents (with biometric device) to offer customers to do basic financial transactions like deposit, withdrawal, balance enquiry and fund transfer. PayRupees is providing best Micro-ATM Solution that is not only easy to use but also secure.

    ● High real estate & support infrastructure Expenses & bottlenecks
    ● High operating costs (money replenishment, safety, rent, electricity, communications)

    In emerging markets ATMs are largely used for Cash Deposit, Cash Withdrawal, Balance Assess, Mini Statements & Bill Payments, together with money withdrawal being the primary use case for most clients.

Our API Services List

  • Robotic API
  •  Micro ATM API
  •  UTI PAN Card API
  •  PayOut API
  • Money Transfer API
  • Recharge API
  • Payment Gateway API
  •  SMS API
  • Adhar Pay API
  •  Mini Statement API
  • Account verification API
  •  Bill fetch API
  • Plan info API
  • Upi Collection Bots
  •  Whatsapp bot API
  • Credit card bill pay API
  • Munipal Tax API
  • Gas Cylinder Booking
  • Loan Repayment API
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