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Benfit Of Pay Out API

PayRupees  is Secured Payout API Provider in India. IMPS money transfer limit is 200000 per transaction.
Using our api you can instant money transfer to beneficiary Account.
A payout API (Application Programming Interface) is a software interface that allows businesses or organizations to programmatically initiate payments or payouts to their customers or partners. This API enables developers to automate and streamline the process of sending money to recipients.
Typically, a payout API is integrated with a payment gateway or a payment processor, which handles the actual transfer of funds. The payout API acts as an interface between the business’s software and the payment processor, allowing the business to initiate payouts, track the status of payouts, and reconcile payments.
Payout APIs are commonly used in industries such as e-commerce, marketplaces, and on-demand services where businesses need to send money to multiple recipients on a regular basis. Some popular payout APIs include PayPal Payouts API, Stripe Connect API, and Dwolla API.

For large number of payouts

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Payout Sucharge Plan & Slab

Slab Basic Silver Gold Platinum
Up – 10000 9.00/- 7.00/- 5.00/- 3.25/-
10001-25000 10.00/- 8.00/- 6.00/- 3.25/-
25001-50000 11.00/- 10.00/- 8.00/- 7.49/-
50001-100000 13.00/- 11.00/- 8.00/- 7.49/-
100001-200000 15.00/- 13.00/- 10.00/- 8.00/-
API Charges 7000/- 10000/- 15000/- 25000/-
Pay Out API

Faster and Wholesome Integration

Integrate and go live with our easy APIs to maximize your profitability and get the most out of it.

Choose Your Bank

Create a primary and back-up bank as a pipe and get the transaction flow basis your preference

Wide-Ranging Features on a Single Dashboard

Get a wide range of value-added services on a single dashboard with bet


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