AEPS Software Application

AEPS Software Features

  •  Cash Withdrawal.
  •  Balance Check.
  •  Supports All Banks.
  •  Mini Statement.
  •  Instant Settlement.
  •  Highest Commission.
  •  Safe Aadhar to Aadhar Fund Transfer.
  •  Easy , Safe and Secure System.
  •  Unlimited Master Distributors Creation.
  •  Unlimited Distributors Creation.
  •  Unlimited Retailer Creation.
  •  Support Ticket Option.
  •  Set commission According to You.
  •  Maximum Transaction Limit.
  •  Payment Transaction.
  •  24/7 support.


 The AEPS is empowering a bank customer to use AADHAAR number to access his/her bank account and perform basic banking transactions that are intra-bank or interbank in nature through a business correspondent.

 Aadhaar enabled Payment system is secure and easy to use platform to avail benefits by using Aadhaar number & finger prints.

 Aadhaar enabled Payment system is based on the Aadhaar number or biometric information of an individual, it eliminates the threat of any fraud and non-genuine activity.

 Aadhaar enabled payment system (aeps) allows online interoperable financial inclusion transaction at pos (micro atm) through the business correspondent of any bank using the aadhaar authentication.

AEPS Software Features