Bill Fetch API Provider

PayRupees is the best Bill Fetch API provider in India. It enables you to start your own company to recharge and pay bills. It gives you the opportunity to earn huge amount of commission on each bill payment and build great customer relationships and leverages your business network. It provides you world class services at a lower price.

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Bill Fetch API Provider

PayRupees offers its products through a special group of API techniques, which mainly constitute of Electricity and Gas Bill API. One of our versatile APIs may be the electricity and gas bill APIs as they possibly can connect to a wide array of companies all across the nation. Ignore the days when you were required to stand in long queues to really get your bills done, as anyone can do your debts at home by making use of our API.

This will allow API partner to send fetch bill and pay bill transaction via new high commission channel parallel to existing instant channels. Note that it will only work for billers that has high commission & Instant Support channel available to them. You can check that in fetch biller details API response. Note that high commission channel is parallel to that of regular instant channel. It will not affect transaction flow (including old request structure) from existing regular channel.

hc_channel is optional parameter; you can pass its value as 1 to choose high commissions channel for you transaction otherwise it will default channel as instant. Please note that high commission channel might take upto 6 hours to complete transaction on biller side.